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If you're looking for a career that offers opportunities for growth, continual development, professional challenge and the chance to bring happinessto people in the bakery industry, here you are.

Sincerely welcome people with passion, knowledge, creativity and responsibility to join IJYSHENG.

Employee Benefits

1. Labor Insurance

2. National Health Insurance

3. Labor Pension Scheme

4. Employee Group Insurance

1. Annual Leave Policy

2. Senior Staff Praise

3. Employees' welfare funds

1. Occasional Parties: including Year-End Party, Dining Budget

2. Annual Company Outings and Travelling allowance

3. Cash gifts for three important Chinese holidays (Chinese Lunar New Year, 

Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival) and Labor’s Day.

4. Disbursements for birthday, marriage, child-births, and funerals

5. Shopping discount for IJYSHENG’s products

1. Training Development Programs (including External Training Grants)

2. Succession Plan

1. Employee Health Examination

2. Team Building Activities